Software Clinic attends to the request of any user and offers quality service and software to the customers.


The outer round shapes which also may represent  as the frame of this figure are where the needs of the users in many
different fields are located, while round inner round shapes contain all about our business responding to the needs

Our service is to answer every requests of  all customers in general, of corporations with no exception to government

In response to the requests of customers, we suggest and develop application that leads to improvement of business efficiency and market expansion.

Development of Web Application by analyzing the needs starting from sales promotion and corporate sites for business use.

Giving importance to what is being intended to convey, that is, translation of facts according to its original text.

Analyzing complaints/ and concerns on current systems and management efficiency, and with proper consultation, sugggesting best solutions during seminars and developmental support.

Improvement of services with emphasis on the conservation and improvement of function.

Development of Gaming Machine and Smart Phone.


5F Takakura Building.
341-1 Shijo-cho,
Shimogyo-ku,Kyoto Shi.


Tel  (+81)75-741-8560

Fax (+81)75-741-8561

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