We aim at developing a software that will make users happy as we always consider and think about it`s usability.


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Our environment has remarkably changed when computer begun to spread, and within around 30 years, it continues to diversify and transform while the present time speeds up.

There are also many things that will continue to lose sight while in one hand through computer, life will continue to be convenient.

In making a software "the face of the users" remains unseen/invisible. While creating a software, makers may not be considering the point of view of the user (user`s mindset) as well as software`s easy usage (usability). Isn`t it example of what is lacking for that reason.

There is always a purpose in using the software and definitely there is somebody in it.

The one who creates software of course is a person.

This is considered to be fundamental and a fact without alteration.

I am confident that the birth of big smiles to both the user and the maker in our company through the use of software with usability is the first step to abundance.

Advancement of Customer Satisfaction and Betterment of Employee Satisfaction

to pursue and to challenge

"trust, performance   =   reassurance"      and         "smile  =  appreciation" 


We must have a Clinic in our area even if there are big hospitals around. When it comes to software, "first and foremost when we talk about a place where one can consult", Software Clinic offers a similar place, and will continuously tie up with the local community carefully.

 Takeno Masayoshi

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