Software Clinic Company Limited, our company, complies to the rules and regulations regarding personal
information, that is, to comply with the code of conduct and do all possible measures to protect important personalinformation of the customers.

In our company, there are gathering of personal information to the extent necessary in following cases:
 ・ When inquiries occur
 ・ When service application occur

Gathered personal information from the customer willserve as follows:
 ・ Contacting customers
 ・ Replying to the inquiries of the customers
 ・ Providing services to customers

In our company, there is no disclosure of gathered personal information to third parties However,
there are exceptions in following cases:
 ・ When there is direct consent from the person involved.
 ・ In case there is a request from the police and other related authorities,
   in case there is request from the public office
 ・ When taking legal applications.

Our company will certainly respond in cases when there is request of information of oneself,
correction, and/or deletion, etc. from thecustomer himself/herself.

(regarding inquiries on protecting personal information)

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