"To contribute something to the local communities and the society"
through software is what we are always thinking.

8 Apr 2016 (Wed)
"KYOMIYA-NET," and the "Japan Souvebir Selections," were released.



5F Takakura Building.
341-1 Shijo-cho,
Shimogyo-ku,Kyoto Shi.

Tel (+81)75-741-8560

Fax (+81)75-741-8561


  18Feb. 2015 "The Kimono Channel," and the "Kimono Cloud," were released.
  06Feb. 2015 Our products the Kimono Channel," and the "Kimono Cloud"
were announced through website by the Advanced Science, Technology and Management
Research Institute of Kyoto (ASTEM RI/KYOTO).

  08Aug. 2015 Our head office was transferred to Shimogyo-ward, Kyoto City
(Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto Shi).

  03Mar. 2014 Our customers were certified to small and medium-sized enterprises
IT-management companies in thedeveloped system of our company.

  25Aug. 2011 Our head office was transferred to Nakagyo-ward, Kyoto City
(Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto Shi).

  04Nov. 2010 The Software Clinic Company, Limited was founded at Shimogyo-ward,
Kyoto City (Shimogyo-ku, KyotoShi).

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